What Do We Do

You finally find the perfect person for your business, but they need a visa to work for you. You search online, realize there are many different visas; it’s way more complicated than you thought. Or maybe this isn’t your first time; your company has been down the immigration road many times. You’re tired of the complicated and ever-changing rules. You realize you need to evaluate the best approach every time for each new employee in light of their circumstances and your goals. We can help! This is our thing. We work together with you to un-complicate business immigration, so you can focus on your thing!

To avoid conflict, most immigration attorneys in the business context will be clear to the prospective employee that they only represent the employer. They sometimes go too far in our opinion. A colleague’s employer-client paid thousands of dollars and successfully got each step of the case approved, right up to the point of realizing the employee could not possibly be given the visa; he was inadmissible due to his prior immigration history. While we also make clear to the employee that we are not allowed to keep any information they provide secret from the employer, we do acknowledge the employee is part of this case, and it won’t work without a full analysis, which includes whether the employee may be inadmissible for any reason.

An employee is entitled to obtain an independent opinion. After all, their future is at stake here, as well. We’ve assisted many employees to understand the process the employer’s lawyer is going through, which they find very helpful. Not long ago a prospective employee of a large company based in California came to us with a concern. The employer was telling him the change of status they wanted to do would work, but USCIS’s own website indicated that it would not qualify. We pulled the regulation itself, and showed him the employer was actually correct, and the USCIS website, though we understand how they were approaching it, did not word it correctly. The prospective employee then felt much better about accepting the position.

What We Do for Families:

Family dynamics can be complicated. The anxiety of separation makes it worse. We are here to help you. After nearly 30 years of practice, we have streamlined the process to take you through it smoothly. Please read the articles we provide for you on this website regarding visas, green cards, and family-based immigration. They will answer many questions. We strive to take you through a stressful and frustrating immigration system efficiently and painlessly.

In General:

While many applicants have a minor criminal issue in their history, we have chosen not to accept matters with serious criminal issues that may result in removal proceedings. Those matters, in our opinion, are best left to attorneys who focus on both criminal defense for non-citizens and removal defense based on criminal issues. Our focus is on the employment and family side of immigration law.

This is general information and does not constitute legal advice; each case must be analyzed independently. Nothing here creates an attorney/client relationship; each potential client must set up an appointment for proper analysis, and written agreement if after a full analysis we both agree in writing that we accept to represent the case and you also agree that you want us to represent your case as detailed specifically in the written contract.

We do not endorse the content on this website in translations other than English, unless officially translated by our law office.