Services Provided

The Marcouiller PLLC is dedicated exclusively to matters of immigration and nationality law.  We are pleased to evaluate your immigration or citizenship question.  On the employment-based immigration side we focus on employment-based first preference and second preference with national interest waivers.  On the employment-based non-immigrant side we emphasize O’s, B’s, H-1B’s, L’s, R’s, P/Q’s, and much more.  We welcome scientists, researchers, professors, multi-national executives, artists, athletes, entertainers, religious workers, and teachers, among many others.

We are very experienced with all aspects of family-based immigration and citizenship issues, including U.S. citizenship acquired by birth abroad.  We are also well-versed with other immigration matters including asylum, DACA, and VAWA cases.

While we have chosen not to focus on removal defense based on criminal issues, we may be pleased to represent you with other forms of relief including non-LPR cancellation of removal, asylum, VAWA, adjustment of status in proceedings, defense against allegations of having abandoned lawful permanent resident status, and alleged marriage fraud.

Contact us to make an appointment for your specific independent evaluation and strategy session.  We look forward to serving you.

This is general information and does not constitute legal advice; each case must be analyzed independently. Nothing here creates an attorney/client relationship; each potential client must set up an appointment for proper analysis, and written agreement if after a full analysis we both agree in writing that we accept to represent the case and you also agree that you want us to represent your case as detailed specifically in the written contract.

We do not endorse the content on this website in translations other than English, unless officially translated by our law office.