Focused on Business Immigration
and I-9 Compliance

Marcouiller PLLC offers clients nearly 30 years of Immigration and I-9 experience, primarily focused on employment-based immigration, as well as family-based immigration and citizenship matters.

The firm advises U.S. and international companies and organizations regarding immigration matters on behalf of executives/managers, engineers, scientists, medical professionals, high tech professionals, artists, athletes, investors, and entertainers to secure the appropriate status for their employees and families. The firm also works with employers to maintain I-9 compliance, and represents them in I-9 audits.

Marcouiller PLLC partners with business and employment law firms, so clients have a solid legal team behind them. Our partnerships include our close relationship with Peterson Russell Kelly Livengood, PLLC.

For more information about the firm’s immigration and I-9 practice or to learn about partnering with us, see the information below or email us.

I-9 Compliance & Audits

Helping employers maintain I-9 compliance, and representing them in I-9 audits.

Employment-Based Non-Immigrant (Temporary) Visas

Assisting employers and employees to secure the right status based upon the job and the employee’s credentials.

Employment-Based Paths to Permanent Residence

Helping clients understand the best path to permanent residence for them.

Lawful Permanent Residence (the “Green Card”)

Helping clients secure permanent residency (a “green card”) which allows them to live and work in the U.S.

Family-Based Immigration Law

Explaining what permanent residency is and how it can be lost.

How Can Citizenship be Acquired?

Apart from naturalization, different routes can result in citizenship from birth, even for someone born abroad, or in “automatic” citizenship.

Immigration News


Important Advisory Regarding EAD/AP Combo-Cards – New Cards May Not Be Valid for Re-Entry Into the US

Unlike previously, EAD’s now being issued are often not valid for return entry to the US. As a result, applicants for adjustment of status need to confirm re-entry authorization before traveling, or to forgo traveling outside the US.


BREAKING: Temporary Protected Status Announced for Ukrainians in the US as of March 1, 2022

Learn about the TPS requirements and benefits, which affect Ukrainians living in the US as of March 1, 2022, and which grant work authorization and prevents consequences of overstay and forced removal.



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