November 19, 2021, USCIS announced it would conduct a third random selection for H-1B petitions.  The selection will happen today, November 19, and petitions for those selected can begin to be filed on November 22nd.

Because there is a very limited number of H-1Bs available per U.S. government fiscal year, a random selection (sometimes referred to as a lottery), is conducted in March.  This year USCIS did a second selection in July, and today determined they still have some availability remaining, and will do a third selection today.

This is great news for anyone who was registered last March but not selected.  Make sure to follow up, because you just got another chance.

Although a third selection round is being undertaken, this does not necessarily mean that there are a lot of open petition spots. More likely, what it reflects is that USCIS is being strict regarding qualifications and has denied or weeded out a large number of petitions on behalf of those previously selected, thereby opening up more slots.

If you are selected in the third round and need experienced legal counsel to assist in getting your petition and supporting evidence timely filed, I invite you to call me at (425) 822-2228 or email me at