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Processes and Policies

We begin by giving you a free initial impression based on the short summary you provide. This will let us know whether we accept that type of immigration matter (for example, we do not do cases in removal proceedings due to a criminal conviction), and whether there may be specific points to discuss with you.  If it is a quick clear answer, we will answer you.  If it appears you could use further assistance, we will set up a meeting with you for as much time as needed up to an hour for a more detailed analysis. At that time we’ll offer our opinion of the case, and you and we will agree if we think we’re a good match to create an attorney/client relationship. No attorney/client relationship is established until the written engagement letter is signed and initial payment made.

There is a non-refundable fee for the detailed initial meeting. It is lower than our regular hourly rate.  This fee is to reserve your appointment time with the attorney. Any change or cancellation of your appointment must be done at least 48 hours prior to the appointment, or we must still charge for the time that was reserved for you.  No additional research can be conducted prior to or following the initial meeting except by agreement, in which event it will be billed at the hourly rate in effect at that time.

If you and the attorney agree to go forward within 10 days of the first appointment , then the fee paid for the initial meeting will be counted toward the total fee, so the first meeting ends up being free.

Immigration cases are highly complex, and immigration law is highly technical; we will conduct a review and legal analysis of the information you provide at the appointment, and offer you our honest opinion.  Sometimes we run across cases in which it truly isn’t in the client’s best interest to do what they initially thought they were going to do.  On those few cases in which we can’t offer positive feedback based on the law, we still believe you will benefit from the analysis and explanation as to what exactly the problem is, and what would need to happen for the case to qualify.

After the meeting, you are under no obligation to engage the attorney to proceed with your matter, though the fee for that meeting must be paid.

The attorney is under no obligation to accept your case, and no relationship is created between us until an agreement is signed stating what is included in the representation and the terms, and initial payment is received.