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Our Bellevue Office

Bellevue Immigration, Citizenship and Visa Lawyer

Our office is very conveniently located on Northup Way in Bellevue right where I-405 meets Highway 520.  Our clients do not need to drive in downtown Seattle or pay expensive parking fees.  We have plenty of free parking right outside our door.

Dealing with immigration can be stressful, and clients don’t like the added stress of downtown Seattle.  Our office is in a beautifully landscaped building surrounded by trees.  The peaceful environment helps alleviate the stress of managing your immigration, while working with one of the most experienced immigration attorneys in the region.  After 17 years with our office in downtown Seattle, we relocated precisely to respond to these desires of our clients, and we have to agree that it is much better!

Call us today to learn how we can help you. We offer discounted consults so that we can learn about your case, and so that you can learn about our firm.

12356 Northup Way